• On February 20, 2022

XY Magazine #53 is the issue with EXTRA PHILOSOPHY !!!  100.69 pages totally full of great articles about America now, and tons of hot guys as always. Subscribe or order it TODAY from our XY Shop.

Supermodels FERNANDO CASABLANCAS and PARKER KULAS—-who wears ALL of his hats—-photographed by DOUG INGLISH—-star in our issue with ExCeSs PhIlOsOpHy!

Ancient Philosopher TACITUS posited that “It is human nature to hate the one you hurt.”  If they do something insecure or mean, it’s because they have to hate you or they have to admit they’re wrong and destroy themselves!  In this issue, 50 XY readers scribble who hates them and why.

Strangely, every article in this bizarre issue is written in philosophical terms!!! In this issue, Peter Ian Cummings goes deep inside The Vortex to show how to escape the swirly Vortex that’s eating the world, and how to do so using Atomization Erections and Spooky Action.  Also, Robert and Peter go to San Marino in search of existentialism and the Swirly Parlour, David Leddick says people are just envious, and we take a philosophical trip through Lil Nas X’s Instagram.

pLuS  — Why I Still Miss Mac Miller; Eriq Chang on Janet Jackson and Tony Trujillo; and Soloman Roth takes a visit to Dateland.  pLus pLuS — Todos Odeiam Fernando, an Uber shopping trip that gets rather sexy, and Parker Wears All The Hats, by Doug Inglish.

From the original XY Magazine Foundation Team! Get EVERYBODY HATES ME before it is eaten by the VORTEX !