See / Buy xy52 ToTaLiTaRiaN !

See / Buy xy52 ToTaLiTaRiaN !

  • On October 30, 2018

XY Magazine #52 the supersexy FALL 2018 TOTALITARIAN issue is nearly 150 pages !!!  XY relaunched in 2016. XY#52 is totally full of great articles about America now, and tons of hot guys as always.  Supersexy!

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Or you can get it in bookstores — Barnes and Noble (ALL), Books-A-Million (ALL), Hudson News (in NYC), college stores, bookstores and more — in stores end of August, but order it from us today!

XY#52 contains “Jared Kushner penetrated by Russian Spy” (fake news!!!), Models scribbling on what Freedom means to them (with PICS!), Peter writing on What Happens When You Lose Your Country,  What Freedom Means to Adam Rippon, Doug Rushkoff on Leaving Facebook, Michael Freeby on BoYs HaTe My AlTeRnAtE CaPs, Mark Simpson on perverse gay movies, Janet Jackson is in Eriq’s cat, Johann Hari on capitalism and depression, Surveillance from Doug Inglish’s Connected Refrigerator, NYC boys by Sebastian Matthew, plus Nik Kieler Was An Instagram Whore, and much more!

From the original XY Magazine Foundation Team! Get TOTALITARIAN before it’s TOO LATE !