about XY Magazine

about XY Magazine

  • On October 3, 2016

XY Magazine is the world’s most loved gay magazine. It was the highest selling gay magazine in bookstores for most of its original run from 1996-2009.  XY.Com was the largest young gay mens’ social network before Facebook and Grindr, with 500,000+ members.

The new XY is an L3C Foundation to benefit the LGBT community. If you like what we’re doing, please make a donation.

XY was liquidated by its investors during the financial crisis, and they sold the valuable XY.Com name to a Chinese game developer. The original XY staff including Peter, the editor, has worked for 7 years to relaunch the magazine. Peter, Steve and Indigo write about all our adventures with XY, in this issue!

Much more will come to this website soon. In the meantime, please buy XY and Xyfoto, which is coming shortly. XY#50 weighs a whole pound and is the BIGGEST ISSUE ever!  We welcome original and new readers of all ages and planets. Welcome back!